Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ranunculus and Belles of Ireland

There is no better way to say I love you than flowers, but if I haven't said it on here before...I'm more of a PLANTS kinda girl. Well, I was..., but now I am loving the whole "flowers" experience.

I love planting them, taking care of them, smelling them, picking them, giving them away. Flowers is an experience for all of the senses. I can't believe how happy they make me.

Still there are 2 that escape my pleasure. (I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football from Lucy.) I have tried every summer since moving into the new house to grow Ranunculus and Belles of Ireland...and it's just not happening.

You would think with all this "internet know-how stuff" I could do this easily...uh-uh, it's driving me crazy...LOL.

So today's post is more of a plea: HELP ME grow these flowers! If you have any experience with either of these 2 flowers...your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...and to all my flowering friends...Happy Growing.


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