Thursday, September 15, 2011

Billy Elliott


Tonight, I watched Billy Elliot.
I started to watch this movie years ago,
but just kept putting it off.
(Kind of like The Hurt Locker presently.)

So glad I watched it now,
instead of then,
because now,
it is like watching a movie
that could have been written about
where I live in this day and time.

It is a mining town, full of manly men,
little boys learning to box (any sport would be the same idea),
little girls learning to dance (insert something girly here),
and the line between girly things and boyish things is defined with a
bold, black line.

However, when one boy defies the life set in motion for him,
he changes those around him,
not just himself,
and his family,
but a whole town! 
I cried and laughed and thought of this town I call home...and wondered...
how would it respond?
...and then I laughed and cried again.

Not sure why, though.


Piimanyx said...

Love Comment Blog ♥ (4) Piimanyx (2/3)
This is a good movie. I watch it when I was school. I don't remember good but It's a good moral !

Piimanyx said...

Sorry it's Love Comment Blog ♥ (5) Piimanyx (2/3)and no (4) >_<
I don't know why i do mistakes sorry :(