Friday, September 2, 2011

Phineas and Ferb (P&F)

I could probably break out in song right now,
b/c you know in your mind you hear the theme play whenever you see P&F,
but I will remain silent
and tell you about why I THINK I really love Phineas and Ferb:

I spent my summers with my brothers, this was our time together. They were younger than me and opposite of one another. I'm not sure which one was the smart one and which one was the silent one...they were either of these at any given time, but me...I was always Candace. I knew more. I was older. I was cooler...and I didn't see what I had in front of me; Two, out-of-this-world, awesome little brothers!

I am also 99% sure I was always trying to "bust them". No matter, what they were doing, I am sure I was running to find my mother to tell on them. Boys are boys; and regardless of what my lil' bros were doing...they probably shouldn't have been doing it!

Time flies and now 30+ years later,
I wish I had spent more time in their world of trucks, mud, bugs, and God only knows what...LOL.
Just so thankful that a cartoon could come along, instead of therapy,
and remind me just what I had and how lucky I am to still have it..

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