Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Doctor's Appointment Date" ...and Antarctica.


Today cracks me up.
My hubs and I had a date...we both had to go to the doctor at the same time.
We got weighed, then BP, then...really? Does anyone care?
I'm not sure WE cared.
I just know we felt old and actually laughed together, and that was good.

Afterwards, we went to dinner.
Please, don't make me tell you where.
It was this place. (Y'all know he loves that place...LOL.)

We sat and talked about sea food,
when my hubs tells me there is going to be a "major" abundance of  king crab,
and that the price is going to plummet.
Really? I need to know this why?
Was he thinkin',
maybe I should call my broker,
and sell all my shares of  Red Lobster?

Turns out he is correct.
How funny is it that my mountain man would know this?
He is "Chad B., the science dweeb".
Makes me so proud.

And if that wasn't funny enough,
we started talking about the South Pole,
to which I responded,
"I never want to go there, I feel like I would be upside down,
and that I would fall off."
Oh, how I wish I had a camera at that moment!
My hubs looked at me and grinned and said,
"Please, tell me you do not mean that,
and that you understand the concept of gravity?"

I had to tell him I did not mean it,
but I kinda did.
I mean, 
in the way you thought the couch was surrounded by infested shark water
when you were a kid.
(You know you did.)

Convo went on to include another gravity lesson on Jupiter,
and how it would save us,
and that I should know that because it has so many moons.

I was really turned on by my man's intellect...
and it was one of those days,
where I realized how lucky I am,
to be married to this guy.
...King crab lesson and all.

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