Thursday, November 13, 2008

friends of math...

I love teaching Math. I am, by no means, Euclid or Pythagoras. I just enjoy teaching kids a skill they need and will use everyday for the rest of their life. Now, it hard to convince them that they will EVER need geometry...or that math is fun, but I try.

I call all my students "friends of". I have about 100 "friends of geometry" and a little over 20 "friends of algebra". The kids think it's hilarious that I call them this, most like to say, " I'm not a friend of geometry, I can barley spell it".

Everyday though, I feel a little more like they at least enjoy coming to my class...I try not to think that it is merely for the Twizzlers or Smarties or Tootsie Rolls that I give out on their "good days", but I hope its to acquire a new tool that will help them now and later in life. I hope that if it doesn't click in their minds now...they will one day have one of those that's what Mrs. Boyd was talking, I finally get it moments.

At least, that's what I hope. :o)

Mrs. B
Some great math website are:

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