Saturday, November 22, 2008

Picking up my girly-girls.

My EX and I try to share "our" girls 50/50, but due to's truly not feasible. 5 months have to be about quality instead of quantity, and that's very hard. I try to squeeze in EVERY relative, going to the movies, reading books, playing board games, cooking or baking, and just hanging out and relaxing. In the summer, this is easy, but on the "holiday" weeks...everything seems like a blur. That's why I love picking up my girls. It gives us time to just talk, sing with the radio, or look at the scenery. It is OUR time alone.

I watch Claudia, in the rear view mirror, as she plays her Nintendo DS. Catarina falls asleep texting and listening to her Ipod.

We have these moments where everyone is doing their own thing, but we are all there together...and that's what matters. I'd drive a million miles to spend one minute with them and feels just like that.

:o) CBB

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