Friday, November 7, 2008

sister weekend.

Yeah...that's not us. These gals are way more classier than us, but not nearly as fun. :o)

This weekend was the annual SW (sister weekend). It's a weekend with my mother, her sisters, nieces, cousins, etc. (anyone in our clan that is female)

We all look forward to it year round. We plan on what we'll do, what we'll do to each other (while sleeping), what we'll discuss, what we'll get each other, and of course...what we'll eat.

This year, though, my favorite thing was reconnecting with my cousin, Gina. When I was a kid and stayed at their house, I idolized her. She was pretty, popular, a cheerleader, and a smart mouth. All things I thought I was at I just figured she was what I was going to be when I became her age...LOL.

However, over time, and the strained relationship that my husband and her brother have, we just lost touch. In fact, we only saw each other once a year at the family reunion and didn't say too much to one another even then...

To save money on gas, we decided to ride to Tennessee together. A trip, that later, we discussed we both were dreading...LOL...Needless to say, she and I had a blast from beginning to end. We stuck right together the whole weekend. We laughed when everyone ran off and left us to do other things. We laughed because we got stuck on the air mattress beside the door that let cold air in, we laughed together all weekend. It was one of my favorite times with a family member in a long time. I learned so much about far she has come from the struggles that no one is this family can imagine. I just loved her so much more at the end of the trip than I ever had when I was 9. I was so proud of who she is and although in a new, and different light...I kind of idolized her all over again.

It was a wonderful weekend. Carrie Ann and her new husband John were great hosts. They have a beautiful home and everyone loved life in Tennessee for 72 hours. :o)

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