Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dinner with the my pals!

Today was the day Mr. Chad was getting his new/old car (thank you, JD and Mary {smooch, smooch, smooch})...that's pretty exciting, but I was going to get to see almost all of my Win-Cit-ay friends (and one "new" addition). The friends I had made when I lived on my own for a year in Winchester, KY. The friends that really played a part in re-shaping my life without ever doing anything but listening. Plus, we were going to the Golden Corral, baby.

We left in plenty of time to meet up with the gang, but on the way got stuck in traffic due to a fatal accident. We waited, and waited, but then finally took another route and somehow made it there an hour and half later, but it was all good...minus JA and Gina not getting to join us. ( I did get to see JA though, for about 5 minutes.)

Dinner was typical. You really do get what you pay for at GC...and a trough is a trough...LOL. Anyway, we all got to play with Caden, the "new" addition, and it was nice socializing after such an absence from most of them. We will all be back together in less than a month and that left me with a big smile on my face and a happy ending is always great!

CBB :o)

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Caden's Blog said...

15 days to be exact! Can't wait. I'm excited. I will be a nervous wreck the week before though.