Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Small Engine Repair Physics

Short, but funny story. My daughter signed up to take a small engine repair class for the upcoming school year. I had a fit. I called her father and went on and on about how a 4.0 honor student in the gifted program did not need to know how to fix a weed eater.

The hubs comes in amidst my yelling, says nothing walks back out, while I continue my tirade towards my EX. After the phone call ends, he kindly says, "It's a good thing those Apollo XIII astronauts could problem solve and know how to use duct tape, cardboard, hoses, and Moon rock bags to create a CO2 scrubber or they'd all be dead."

I call back the EX and say how wonderful a small engine repair class would be to help her understand her physics class...and how wrong I was about not seeing it's full potential. Thank you to the HUBS for always helping me see things from a scientific point of view. :o)

Mrs. B

****In case you are wondering about what the Apollo XIII astronauts had to do to survive...
or in simpler terms, this:

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Greeneyedogre said...

ok.... A.)how was it the Ex's decision for her to take the class?
B.)Is she doing it for a boy? lol