Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Hubs" Hiking

The hubs and I went one a little excursion this weekend. We decided to hit a place not far from us called The Breaks Interstate Park...or as we know it, the Breaks of the Mountain. The Breaks are about 45 minutes from our house, but seems almost like another country. I mean, a mountain is a mountain, but this place reminds us both of our childhoods...and I like to think it gives you the same feeling that you'd get standing in the Alps.

Around here, it's trek many folks take at least once a year, but some have never enjoyed it...never heard of it!?

This trip, we tried to hit most of the "overlooks". The view was breathtaking, as usual, but for some reason it all seemed new...not like the place we ventured as children, but a new place that we were seeing for the first time. It was God's beauty at it's finest. ( I can only imagine what it will look like in October when all the leaves start to change colors.)

We also, tried our luck with those little pedal-style boats. These boats were probably as old as we were, but all the new ones had been pulled because of minor problems...kind of made me chuckle, you know...like us, we are old, but still dependable...LOL.

We had a great time...Huddle House, the Breaks, cruising in the Civic...almost felt like we were on a date. Life is good.

:o) CBB

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