Monday, August 10, 2009

Successful at ...Nothing.

I have 2 degrees and working on 3rd, but no job. Yet, I have always considered myself a success... well, majority of the time I do or have...LOL. But am I? What measures success? I have been thinking about this all weekend and still have no answer.

Am I successful because I have 2 great kids and a some-what seemingly normal co-parenting gig? Am I successful because I have pieces of paper that say I have completed a task of X amount of hours?...because I thought that was being successful, great kids and diplomas. But is it? I, also, count my marriage as successful, but even if it's's my second one, so that means I failed at the first one, so is the 2nd marriage a success and I'm the failure?

What do I do? What makes me successful? I mean, I blog. I can jog. I, by proxy, have a dog. I'm not a cog. Oh, If only rhyming were a measure, then YES, I am a success! Woo Hoo! ...But since it is not, maybe I should just look for a job within Dr. Seuss's company that would fit me to a tee...LOL.

Don't get me wrong, I feel like I have failed sometimes...OK, many times. We all do though, right? I don't feel like it makes me a failure. Yet, in these uncertain times, am I just pretty good at all things, but not good enough to be successful at any? No answers today, just questions.

Mrs. B

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tosha said...

I don't think that success can be measured, or even should be. You are still alive and healthy, your kids are happy and healthy, I'm pretty sure you are happy with your life thus far. So I would say you are a success.
To me failure is rated right up there with hate. It's just not nice. LOL Just some of my $.02. @}>-