Monday, April 19, 2010

LG 840 phones...IMO.

This phone SUCKS and so does LG. I would NEVER recommend this company or it's services to anyone. My "fake IPhone" that I had to have b/c of my carrier (another story all together) was a piece of crap from day 31. The screen started having problems then and NEVER got better...120 days in, give or take a few, the whole touch screen went out.

After being sent for repair, 6 weeks later I got it back as simply...UN-repairable. (Spelled just like that...LOL...I'm not even kidding.) Today, I spent over and hour on both phone conversations and "live chat" emails where absolutely nothing was accomplished either.

Tomorrow, I'm coming after you Mr. CEO and you can explain to me why your stuff is "the best" and how you "stand behind it" and I will explain to you why it's NOT and that you don't.

Mrs. B

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Bella said...

Wait a minute.... WHO copied WHO's life??? It looks like I have twenty years on you! :-) Love your blog, and it does appear we have some similar stories. I signed up to follow your blog -- well, one of them! --- Looking forward to keeping up with you. :-) Hope you'll visit again.