Monday, April 5, 2010


In my dreams, and currently quite content with living vicariously through my children, I have wanted my eldest to attend the USNA--along with other outstanding universities like Notre Dame, MIT, or any Ivy League school.

This sweet child of mine, though, is very secure (I think) in who she is and what she wants to study...and I support her 100%. That being said, I will let HER decide where she goes to college, but I will have a BIG say in where she will NOT go. :o)

Today, she got her summer acceptance letter to the USNA summer program and finally...her father and I agree on something whole heartily. A USNA education means a free college education, travels, the right connections, and a GREAT retirement.

However, for the last year or two, Catarina has changed her "probable" major from mechanical engineering to chemical engineering, both very admirable fields, but the USNA does not have a chemical engineering major and for her that is an issue. She is her own Captain and ultimately...SHE will make the final decision of where she goes, and as much as it pains me for her to pass up this "college" for that reason, I would fully understand.

After the summer program, she still has a few months to decide, and I will not pressure her either way, but I hope she allows for some guidance on this, because if it's one thing I do know... you really need someone to bounce your ideas off of when making MAJOR decisions. Something, I never had.

Mrs. B

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