Monday, August 2, 2010

The Lockers

Today while working in my classroom, I was horrified to see the insides of the lockers. There were all these names in sharpie...all over them. I thought to myself, "Who let these kids do this and WHY?"...LOL.

It turns out it is a last day of school that I do not recollect, but while I was bitchin' about it to the other teachers, I remembered a certain someone that did her high school dorm wall the same way.

About an hour in, the teacher next door yells over, "Mrs. Boyd, can you come over here?". I went and he wanted to show me a locker. It was his name from 10 years ago. I just shook my head and laughed.

Later that evening, I had my hubs come down and fix the inside metal dividers in my lockers all the while, complaining to him about the writing, when all of the sudden he stood up, flipped open one of the lockers and there in the back was his name with the date '87-'88. I almost cried. Two reasons: one, because he did it 20-some years ago (how awful...LOL) and the other that I was blessed to have this part of his past as part of my present.

I wish I could explain the love I have for this "little" school. How proud I am to be there. From was my home. I now teach, the people I went to school with....I teach their children. At Open House, I saw people I hadn't seen in 20 years., but it still felt like family.

Therefore, it is my goal to make it a better place while I am there...lockers and all.

Mrs. B

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michael said...

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