Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mario in the A.M.

I am not a gamer, most of you know this, but I played Mario on the Wii, with the hubs, for about 3 hours. I am sure that is a record for me--playing ANY video game.
Hard for me to say this, but it wasn't too bad. I was horrible, don't get me wrong! But he allowed me to die, and die, and die...while learning to play. He is a very honorable "gamer" and very patient....LOL.

All this aside, after putting in "my" game time, I came into the office to work, write, and catch up on the blog. After 20 minutes, I heard the worst cursing, and yelling, and carrying on in the TV room. It was him...yelling at Mario!

I thought it was funny, but sweet at the same time...because no matter how I played, it was OK, but that Mario, according to the words I heard flying out of his mouth, must not know how to do anything right!...LOL.


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