Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Note to Self ( a letter to God)

Dear God,
I am not lazy.
I am tired
I REALLY want to get up and get on that elliptical machine
at 5:oo...5:30...wait, 6:00am, but you allowed me to sleep so well that I just keep hitting the snooze button!

I am not an over-eater.
I am a dessert lover.
I REALLY want to say no to 2 pieces of cheesecake and choose an apple, but you blessed my friend that made it with the gift of mad culinary skills and she keeps telling me to have another piece. You also know, cheesecake is cut into such small pieces.

I am not taking life for granted.
I am living in the moment of the wonderful life that you have blessed me with today.
I REALLY want to slow down, but you have created a masterpiece and I am in it.

I am not "going gently into that good night".
I am making a difference by teaching and changing lives.
I REALLY want the human race to be better because of something I have done.

Dear God,
My words are never complaints...just me thinking aloud.
You are wonderful.
Thank you.


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