Thursday, August 5, 2010

One door closes...another one opens!

The recession has hit us, today after 10 years, my husband was laid off from his job...but truly it was a blessing. He has loathed it there for quite a while and felt that he would be more appreciated and respected somewhere else. I think he told them this recently, hence, probably the reason HE was the one laid off...LOL.

Yet, believe it or not, we are both pretty happy with the situation. He is now going back to school and I can get my house painted. There is a "cup-half-full" in every situation.

When I told the girls about what was going on, I think they were just a little taken aback...because since they have known him, he has worked at "Mr.Chad's work"...LOL.

However, when I told Claudia about him going back to school, she said, "Mom, what are you going to make him be?" If I had been drnking something, people around me would not have been happy...LOL.

I admit, I am guilty, I know, for suggesting things, to those I love, but it is only because I want what is best for them. I try to guide my loved ones down paths I have been already that didn't work out so well. Still, Mr. Chad gets to be what HE wants to be now, and wouldn't we all like to be able to start over before we're too old.

I am, HAPPILY, aware, blessings are disguised sometimes.


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