Monday, September 21, 2009

Go Big Blue

The hubs is a great UK sports fan.
He loves it all. (Well, I probably couldn't get him to sit and watch the National Cheerleading competition, but he would watch the UK cheerleaders do their routine...LOL.) Yet, he has never been to a game.

Problem solved. This year, for some reason, he has been given multiple sets of game tickets. I mean, we literally have to clear our schedule for several weekends in October and November. All because he's nice. Yep, nice. When people need help, and as long as he can do whatever they may need, he does. Isn't that sweet?

I am excited for him like I would be for one of the girls to see Wicked (...and I'm trying to make that happen in New Orleans--April of next year.) Anyway, I'm not just excited for him. I'm excited for us because we get to share it together and I love being married to my best friend--one of the biggest UK fans I know.

Mrs B

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