Monday, September 14, 2009

One room leads to another...yeah, yeah, yeah...

Well, today's post has nothing to do with the song by the FIXX that I loved so many years ago, but has to do with how hard it is to do home renovations/make-overs. I thought I was going to be working on my scrapbook room and that I could get it done in 48 hours (like Trading Spaces) how wrong I was...uuhhh!

First, everything has to come out...everything. Then drywall must be completed...and for lack of better words be a "dry wall" before painting can commence. Here's the kicker though, 24 hours between coats of drywall gook. (72 hours for 3 coats) Next paint can go on--one coat of primer, then the room color. Everyone knows when you're painting, too, you have to cart the room's contents all over the rest of the house. After that, all trim work: windows, doors, crown and baseboards. I can not believe I thought this could be accomplished in 48 hours. Damn you, Doug Wilson! (...but I still love you.)


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