Friday, June 25, 2010

Dairy Queen

I loathe you...I love you...I loathe you...I love you...I loathe you...I love you...aarrrggghhh. Today, I love you. I'm talkin' to you Dairy Queen.

Coming home from Ms.E's riding with the entertainment known as, Claudia--like all greats, one name will suffice. We stop at DQ and she is singin' in the drive-thru, "California Gurls"...crackin' me up. There is something beyond funny hearing the words, "The boys break their necks...try'na get a little sneak peek (at us)", coming from an 11 year old's mouth!...LOL.

We like to stop for an ice cream cone every evening. (I could do without the calories, but I love this time with her.) I get dipped; she gets plain, but we both look for the swirl at the top.

Ahead, someone drops their change. "Let's get it," she says and we start imagining the value of what has fallen from the window and landed on the ground...she is probably thinkin', "I hope it is $100--that would go a long way on my iPod touch." I think, "man, do I really want to tell her it's probably 2 dimes and a quarter."

We get to the window and one of my former students/girl scouts is working. She is a sweet girl and I am happy to see her. We all start talking about the swirl, and the chocolate dip, and then another girl comes and joins the conversation and, lucky for us, no one is behind us in the drive-thru, that the conversation continues...until we are all laughing. And what is better than laughter and ice cream cones? NOTHING!

As we are driving, Claudia says, "2 things I love about Dairy Queen ice cream--the swirl on top and the top of the cone." I grin and concur, all the while thinking about the 2 things I love...her and her big sister, I almost cry but decide not to and just enjoy the moment.

Whether I love you or loathe you...Thank you, Dairy Queen for this time.


Faiza said...

simply put...blissful!

JD said...

Thank you Christy for getting that Katie Hudson song stuck in my head again - (yes Katie Perry's real last name is Hudson) - I loved this post. One funny thing to think about in that song is the part about wearing daisy dukes with bikini’s on top. The first time I heard this song I thought it was by that drunk gurl Ke$ha - I hate even spelling her name - but I digress. Hearing this I thought of girls wearing daisy duke shorts with bikini bottoms over top of them - yes hilarious but thinking Ke$ha singing it, I totally had the visual in my head. Figured I would share :-)