Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello 5th/6th Graders!

This coming school year I will be teaching 5th and 6th grade Math (at the school I attended from K-7th grade, how cool is that?). I have never taught students this young, but am very excited about doing it. I, actually, think students at this age level are PROBABLY more trainable, and apt to learn than their middle school counterparts.

The great thing about this new school year is the school that I am working at has adapted a new curriculum, Math in Focus/Singapore math. I was not familiar with this type of instruction, but am not too worried about it since none of the staff has taught it either.

So...when we had our first training, I was a bit nervous until they brought out the "hands on" materials. It was awesome! I can not wait to get this "stuff" into my kids' hands. They are going to LOVE Mrs. Boyd's math class and our scores are going to be out of this world...or at least much better than the past few years--that's my goal anyway!

Now, I just have to wait to get into my classroom to create an environment that puts Math in a positive light and shows everyone how important the fundamentals taught in the 5th/6th grade will be for their academic future.

Mrs. B

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