Friday, June 11, 2010

Grandmother's Wisdom

I have loved all the traveling over the last few weeks, but there is "nothin' like sleepin' in your own bed!" My Granny would say that all the time and I would be like "that's crazy". I would always go on about sleeping in hotel beds and clean sheets everyday...turns out the older you get and the more investigative reporting 20/20 does...she could have been on to something.

There is NOTHING like sleeping in my own bed, the bed that I share with the love of my life, the bed that holds the other 2 loves of my life when they want to watch movies, Jeopardy, or The Soup....LOL. The place that holds me when I'm sick or is there for me to cry in when I have had "one of those days".

Who knew that 20 years later, and God rest her soul, when she's not around for me to tell her...she was right about the bed thing...and so much more. (I miss you Granny, you were the best mom ever.)

Today is a good day...and I'm wiser.

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Faiza said...

i LOVE my bed thankful that i am lucky enough to have always had one.