Tuesday, July 6, 2010

an evening with John Mayer...

It is so hard to listen to John Mayer knowing what a tool he is in real life! Yet, when I do these days I am overwhelmed with happiness and love. Wanna know why? Let me share ONE reason.
My children and I love music in the car. (I prefer to drive in silence when I drive alone, but with them, it is all about performing.)

At the Unclaimed Baggage Store, Catarina picked up Mayer's Room for Squares. It is, for me, his best album, but more so now that it has become a part of "our" summer. From Claudia, hitting the high notes on No Such Thing to all of us singing Why Georgia to me getting lost in Not Myself. This post is about a moment in time, that was not planned, and created a magical memory for all of us.

The night of Jordan's graduation party, on our return from Pikeville, there was nothing on the radio...so we went to our go-to-guy, John Mayer. We laughed and giggled while Claudia, along with Catarina and I, sang. "I want to scream at the top of my lungs," just like John does--borderline annoying...LOL. It was funny and you could feel the good karma alive in the Jeep, but it was nothing compared to what happened next.

About 10 minutes from the house, Why Georgia came on. Catarina was tapping her hand on the door, Claudia started snapping and something just happened. I wish I could explain it. The song comes on and I start singing and the girls chime in with harmonies and back-up, IT WAS AMAZING!

I didn't say anything at the time, but several days later, I mentioned something about it and Catarina was like, "Oh Mom, I totally felt it. I agree. I was thinking the same thing. " etc. Looking back, it was like a visit into Heaven for me; My girls and I singing, driving along, just being together. It was something that I can not put into words, but so beautiful I wanted to try to share it.

When I write these things, I can only hope others get to share these types of moments with their families, friends, neighbors. It truly is what life is all about.

Ladies and Gentleman, a round of applause for Mr. John Mayer.



Faiza said...

LOL! I feel the same about JM. Such great music but he's just so awkward!

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Amanda said...

absolutely love that album of his. Even hearing about how JM is in real life, I still love his music. I sing Why Georgia and Your Body Is A Wonderland to Greyson all rthe time. He loves hearing JM.