Tuesday, July 13, 2010

French Wallpaper

I am not sure if I am a fan of wallpaper. My luck with it, in the past, has not been what you would call, let's say, good...LOL. In fact, on my last attempt with it, I got it up--the whole wall--and was very pleased, only to come back to work on it the next day and it was all, with the exception of one strip, laying in the floor...sitcom style.

However, I have discovered, in my old-er age, you get what you pay for! A friend of mine recently bought a new house...a beautiful, very expensive, new house and I have fallen in love with many of the design elements used throughout. One of which, is wallpaper.

Now, for the most part, the wallpaper is used in small areas with very busy patterns. It is fabulous and thus, inspired me to attempt to use wallpaper again. I decided too, that if I am going to invest my time in doing this, I'm "going big or going home". I am getting what I want. I am not going to the local wallpaper store and buying something from what they have to choose from; I have the internet, I can get what I want from wherever I want, and I want French wallpaper. I do not want wallpaper with "French" things on it. I want it made in France!

Have you ever seen French wallpaper? The beautiful designs. The level of classiness. Ooh la la! I am excited just perusing the world wide web looking for it. I sit here and imagine walking in a shop, somewhere in Paris, and looking at all the glorious wall coverings and fabrics.

Aaahhh, I better get to gettin' and find what I want... b/c when the hubs finds out French wallpaper is NOT $25 a roll, he may try to stifle my creativity...LOL.


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