Sunday, July 4, 2010

House, you're Sherlock Holmes?

I am the biggest House fan I know, besides my husband. I was not one of those people that watched it from the time it came out. I happened to catch an episode and thought to myself, "This is the kind of doctor I would llloooovvveee to be." Well, minus the drug addiction, but my OCD could compensate for that...LOL. (Instead, I am sure I will be one of those bleeding heart saps doing at least one year with Doctors Without Borders, but I digress.)

Recently, I was talking about the movie Sherlock Holmes and was told that the character of House was based on Holmes. WTH? Really?

Turns out IT IS, and I am soooo aggravated that I did not see the similarities before someone told me, because they are so "in your face" there.

For example, House is another word for Holmes (Homes). They were both addicts. Wilson the sidekick...Watson the sidekick. OMG, I can not believe I didn't see this! (You totally need to google this.) One fights deadly diseases, the other deadly criminals. Both arrogant. Deductions from observations; my absolute favorite trait in both of them.! They were both musicians. And until recently, had the same address...No coincidence, I can promise you. It's so amazing to read about this, which in turn makes me want to go back and read more Sherlock Holmes.

I love days when I learn something that, well, quite honestly, kinda blows my mind a a fun, good way.

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