Monday, July 26, 2010

I want to be smarter!

I want to be smarter, like really smarter.
(Of course saying it that way probably supports my argument...LOL!)

The hubs and I, mainly the hubs, like to watch the (Sc)ience Channel. Sometimes when I watch it though, I get lost...wwaaaayyyy lost. For instance, I can wrap my head around the LHC, the Large Hadron Collider, but not around the mind's processes used to create it. Does that make sense? Finding the God particle--that moment when matter starts--amazes me, but is hard for me to grasp.

*(Thanks, Dan Brown for alerting me to crap I did not need to know...LOL, but still glad to have learned something new...and thank you (Sc)ience Channel, too... for feeling a show on this would enlighten your viewers...LOL.)

I teach, so I am always learning something new...always teaching younger minds something new, but to be a physicist...what kind of mind do they start with? Learning, for me, is like going 0 to 60 in a few seconds, but learning on their level is allowing your brain to go 0 to 600 or 6000 in the same amount of time. My hubs can do this...learn quickly and envision stuff that's not even there...theories...made up "stuff" that COULD exist or happen, but may NOT.

So for me, I am smart enough, and much smarter than the average person, but I know I could be smarter...and if I was smarter, I could figure out how...LOL.


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