Sunday, September 19, 2010


{Not sure who created this board...if it is your work, please email me and I will give you credit.}

Had I married a man of money...and simply been a lady of leisure...I would sit around and plan weddings all day. No one would even have to pay me!

When I hear folks talking about how weddings aren't important...I shutter and tears secretly flow from my eyes. Are you kidding me? It is the ONLY time a man KNOWS they must dress up and it is the time that most women will tell you they felt and looked beautiful...and I can add--I have NEVER seen an ugly bride.

It is a time when all surroundings are tied together with some element of color. Ahhh, Summer-red and black weddings, Fall-orange and browns, White winter weddings and the beautiful pale colors of spring...I love them all.

Many times, I will sit and just look through wedding boards on all the great wedding sites. Wedding blogs are even better than commercial sites...and these are real people. People with budgets and DIY stuff. I could do this all day...every day.

I am so in the mood for a wedding...Now, let's see who I can fix up with one of my cousins...Any readers have brothers...LOL.

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