Friday, September 10, 2010

I am content ...or I really should be.

There are times when you have those reflective moments...not, A-HA ones, just reflective ones where a feeling comes over you that makes all seem right with the world. I normally, have these in my swing...the one in my backyard, not the one on my front porch. (Yes, I have 2 swings.)

This occurred today and a feeling of contentment swept over me like never before...I really think I was at peace with myself. I am, normally, all tied up in what is "going" to happen or what "has happened", but not today. I think maybe it had to do with being alone. The hubs was at a race, Claudia was with a friend, and Catarina was out. (I know where they are, even when they are not here.) It was just that swing.

I was thinking about how lucky I am, but it's not really luck...I think I'm fortunate. I have a great husband, perfect kids (don't we all?...LOL), a good home, food in my fridge, money in the bank, at what point do we say , "OK, this is it!".

I think I'm there
...for today!

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heather yalin said...

Such a happy post. Sometimes I think peace is so much better than happiness, and then I revise that thought and realize that peace is it, just by more equanimous name. I love that you have two swings, and that the back one seems to be your special place! :)