Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No more re-runs!

It is fall and that means NO MORE RE-RUNS! I am officially psyched for this television season. Mainly, House and all the CSIs, but there are a few others. I can't wait to try to lose weight with The Biggest Loser, pretend I'm dancing the cha-cha with Maks on Dancing With The Stars, and shouting Ba-Zinga with Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) whenever I know it will annoy my husband, singing at the top of my lungs with Glee, laughing with Tosh.0, and envying Agent David (we all know you LOVE Tony).

Yet, it pains me to say these words, "I have missed you, Chuck!"...LOL. (No, not THAT Chuck, the "spy" Chuck.) All I can say is TGF-DVR. Cause I can't wait to get my "TV watching" about you? What are you watching this season?

****Oh, a little 411, too! One of our very own is competing on The Amazing Race...2009 Miss Kentucky, Mallory Ervin, and her dad Gary! Good Luck and bring home the win to to the bluegrass state! We are all pulling for ya!

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