Saturday, September 4, 2010

College Football, baby!

Am I ready?...You know it! The time is here and I look forward to it more and more each year. I LOVE football. College football. Pro football. High school football. Flag football. It really doesn't matter. I love it!

Problem is I have to hide my feelings for it. (*Women, do not let your man know that you love anything that they do. It will put a damper on many of your plans.) If they know you want to watch the game, they will tempt you with things like, "I'm not a USC fan, let's run to Lowe's" or "It's Alabama and a community college like team, I want to go out to eat". Don't buy it. They are testing you.

Here are some fool-proof excuses that will allow you to watch and never give away your true feelings for the game.
  • I don't feel well, maybe I should rest. Why don't you put on the game and I'll just sit here with you?
  • Dang, all Bravo is showing are re-runs of Top Chef DC, guess I'll lay here and watch the game with you...since nothing else is on.
  • I'm going to do e-mails and "grade papers" (insert whatever your profession calls for), so you can watch the game while I'm doing that and then maybe we can run to wherever.
  • Let's try the new surround sound, I haven't heard it. I bet it sounds great with fans yelling in the background. By the way, who's playing??
  • "So and So" were going to the game today. They said they were in the end zone. Let's watch and see if we see them.

I can not guarantee these will work for you. You may have to re-word them to fit your situation, is game time, and no matter the excuse, remember: the end justifies the means...LOL.

Am I ready? You know it! OR Gee, is it football time again? Honey, I didn't know.



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JD said...

Too bad it isnt real Football - Soccer :-)

I know what you mean though American Football is fun.