Friday, September 24, 2010

School Pictures

*First of all, if you are any of the people to the left, this post is NOT about you! You just happen to be in the picture I hijacked from somewhere out there on the Internet.

I recently, got my "teacher's photo" proof for the yearbook. Let's just say...I was not a happy camper! In fact, let's get real, I'm not getting any younger, but they sent me back a proof of my mother! I was shocked...and I cried. ( I have been crying on here more than I really do..."in real life"...LOL.)

You talk about someone ready for re-takes...I'm counting down the days like a fat kid waiting for Halloween.

There is no reason that I would think that my picture would look like an aging Jennifer Anniston, however, I was not expecting Cloris Leachman looking back at me, either! My proof was a reminder of how little I get paid and yet how much work I need done...DO NOT JUDGE! hahahaha

You will never see this pic, in fact I'm praying I NEVER see this pic, again, but it's out there...and you know what...eventually all things come out!Poor me, I hope if it ever does, I'll already be in my retirement home!

Smile...and say, "cheese".


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