Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"unfriend" Day on Facebook

Not a Kimmel fan..well, not a BIG fan anyway, but this campaign cracked me up! To be honest, I could not tell you how many friends I have on Facebook, but I'm pretty happy to have the ones I got!...LOL. If someone deletes me...oh, well.

I do not see as many updates as I would like to see. It seems there are more of so and so likes Glad trashbags and so does 5 other people. OK, so do I need to be the 6th? Facebook has some weird idiosyncracies, but all in all, I like it. I like seeing what old friends are doing: getting married, having kids, watching ballgames, even eating at a new sushi place in NYC. It is also wonderful in keeping up with my own children...when they share with their friends, I get to see it. Something that would not happen if we were just sitting around in our own house.

So, before you delete anyone, think about this: why did you add them in the first place? If the word friend pops into your mind, at all, go ahead and keep doesn't hurt anything and next week that person may post the best pics to creep on...The Alamo Trip/122 pictures--"why thank you, I think I will. I have never been to the Alamo."

Happy "Unfriend" Day.

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