Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My "go-to" recipe for goodies.

I am a good cook, not a great cook...but, good enough. I can make anything with a recipe. Yet, my families FAVE thing that I make is the simplest...oreo truffles. This recipe has 2 ingredients: oreos and cream cheese. Now, that does not include the coating, but geez all that melted almond bark. My daughters love them. The hubs loves them. My brother is crazy about them!

How funny?!
So today, I am making 200 truffles...sounds like a lot, but it takes no time. Below, I have posted some links with the recipe...find the one easiest for you and your family.

Make some today!

1 comment:

Jen Watts said...

or, you could just make me some ;)
just kidding! they look great, I'll have to try them!