Monday, November 1, 2010

David Garrett and David Guetta

I am totally feeling the love with both of these artists!
So different, but so finding a place in my collection these days!
They both make me want to dance.

David Garrett plays my fave instrument in the whole world and I could just sit and listen to his talent ALL day. Right now he has an album out of "rock classics" in a "classical" form. PURE LOVE! This guy is beautiful, right?...but have you heard him play the violin? Ahhh, sweet, sweet music! Check it out on Amazon:

David Guetta is my go-to guy for fun and dancing. When I play his music I just want to stop doing whatever I'm doing...and dance. My hubs has these HUGE ASS speakers at our feet in his office, maybe it is bass, I have no idea, but I know when Guetta comes whole body moves with the music. IT IS FANTASTIC!

So go show some LOVE to these a song, buy an album, watch the vids...who cares, just DANCE! Your day will get better! Mine did.


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