Thursday, November 4, 2010

The name of towns...Kite.

Google the image Kite. Look at a few pages. Hold those visions in your mind...A cute kid running on the beach with a kite overhead, a kite billowing in the sky...on a beach, a row of kites in unison...on a beach. All this brings me to today's topic: How did my little town, hundreds of miles from a beach and not too much flat land to run on (with kite in hand), get the name KITE?

Years ago, when "smaller" post offices existed, my house would have fallen in the area known as Hall, KY. Well, yeah...there is a gazillion Halls in this area, but not too many "kites". I mean, seriously, who came up with this as a feasible, legitimate name for this area. (I, normally, say area b/c town would totally be misleading you.) . I love the postmaster, though...she's been there since I was a kid...and STILL looks the same. (I love you, Doris!)

Here are a few facts about KITE:
My "area" has less residents than any given high rise in any given city! (No lie!)
My "area" is less than a mile from where I teach school, but the school is in another zip code.
My "area" sells a newspaper that states in the corner,
"under 1 million copies sold each week"...duh?
My "area" has no secret kite flying societies...unless they are REALLY secret about them.

Regardless, I may have to put on my thinking cap and go researching...because everyone knows, there is always something to a name.
Otherwise, why buy Fendi over Merona(a little shout out to my beloved Target)!
Am I right?


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