Sunday, November 28, 2010

The hubs has a peeve!

Mr. Chad and I have been together/dating/married for close to eight years, and rarely does he complain about things "around" the house. Well, today was one of those days--he complained...and it was kinda funny, but out of the blue.

Here's the story. He comes home and hangs his coat on one of the chairs at the dining room table. I don't like this, so I move it. I usually hang it on the door knob to his office. Turns out he doesn't like that...LOL. He actually said, "I don't like stuff hanging on the door knobs."

WTH? Where did this come from? (I think it came from the fact that he couldn't find his coat and it was right in front of him...LOL.)

After he left for work, I cracked up. Out of all the crazy and idiotic things that I do from my OCD-ish behavior, coats on knobs is where he draws the line. I guess in all these years, if this little thing is big enough for him to point out...the least I could do is make the effort to change it. (Now, I gotta go move bras from half the knobs in the house. Don't say you don't do it, too!)


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vicki archer said...

It is a very cute peeve and not much of a one either! I think it is reconcilable ;) xv