Friday, January 21, 2011

Chad, Karen, and Chris Bailey

I really have never been concerned with the weather. Of course, that has lead to some problems for me in the past. (You live in New Orleans and see people packing their cars with pictures and family know a hurricane is coming.)

Over the past month and a half though, we have had some "HINKY" weather to say the least, but it all has pretty much been predicted correctly by this guy over here.

Chris Bailey is a KY boy, born and raised not far from my hometown, who has a weather blog. (He is, also, the chief meteorologist for WSAZ in WV--which is the home of the former Mr. Cartoon and Beeper show--a little shout out to my younger days.)

His blog:
is a spot-on, break-down of what is happening in your neck of the woods. He knows his stuff!

As many of you have read before, my hubs is a weather buff. He likes knowing all that stuff about clouds, moisture, fronts, etc. My cousin Karen must be into weather, too. In fact, I guess Everybody LOVES Chris because these 2 are quoting him ALL the time and now so are others.

So here is today's story:
This morning, Karen calls and wakes me out of a beautiful slumber with these words, "We are getting a foot of snow Monday-Wednesday." Now, first off, I was half asleep and thought she said "8 foot" not "a foot" of snow, but then realized she would have said "8 feet". Regardless, I was like, "where did you here that?"...and what do you think she said...

So, I just want to get it out there, I do have my weather info down these days.
Thank you Chad, Karen, and Chris Bailey.
I now know when to run and get bread and milk!



Jennifer said...

You run and get bread and milk everytime you think it might even snow a centimeter---IF you live in Winchester! That is what everyone else here seems to do. ESPECIALLY if you like waiting in long lines.

Gina the Book Lady said...

Sounds like he knows what he is talking about.I am going to start reading his weather blog.