Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Since January 3rd, I have lost 12-13 pounds. I know that is a great weight loss, and I am not denying it; I want to see it, though. I want to be able to stand in front of the mirror and see it.
My clothes are already getting a little looser and I definitely have more energy, but I want to see a more svelte me looking back from the mirror...not the struggling girl who really wants a cookie--a whole pack of cookies(Oreos) to tell the truth.

I hear all the time, and read it too, lose weight for you. I understand that...I want to be healthy, but having no thyroid makes it hard to lose, but easy to gain. After my cancer and radiation, I still thought I would maintain 150-160, but I haven't and it is very hard to do.

For no reason, do I just want to be thin! I just want to be the "usual" size me. A good size 8-10...any bigger than that and my clothes start looking like Sue Sylvester's--a warm-up for every day of the week...LOL.

This is a hard journey, but I'm not giving up; but I also wish, they made magic beans to fix it over night. I'll let you know if I ever run into Jack...LOL, but then again, if I did I'd probably bake his golden goose.



Jennifer said...

If you ran into Jack you probably wouldn’t know him! Kidding!

Marz said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! Even though you feel like you can't see it, that your clothes are already looser is fabulous! That's how I always gage my weight loss anyway, on how things fit and never the number on the scale :) The fact that you have no thyroid working against you, well that makes your accomplishment even more amazing! I'm so proud of you! :) You cracked me up with Jack and baking his golden goose :) Good luck on your journey - you'll get to the size you want eventually! :) xo