Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cheerleading, Academic, Math Club...oh my!

I guess I volunteered for all of this...LOL. I did want to help with cheerleading, and the academic team, but my true love was to start the math club, Mu Alpha Theta. I wanted a way for Catarina and I to be connected other than email--when it comes to school.

Cheerleading is sooooo full of drama. I guess that's why no one wants to do it and they let the "1st years" get suckered into it. ****Note to any new teachers out there...if the club, sport, or organization does not have a coach or sponsor...RUN. No doubt, there is a good reason why...LOL.

Academic team, what do you expect? I mean, smart kids that show respect to their fellow classmates and say "please" and "thank you". I bet teachers line up for this one. I like working with them b/c one of the coaches was my high school coach many years ago...and she still looks the same. Go Babs!!!!

Now, about the math club, these are some of the kids from the academic team, but some are just kids that like math and me. I have 30+ kids that could do it, but only about 10 will...and that's OK. I like small groups. It was great looking up their grades to see if they qualified. Mu Alpha Theta requires students to have a 3.0 in their math classes, but I went one step further for our group and required 3.0 overall, as well.

I'm excited about starting the club, but more excited about it taking shape, and letting the kids take over...I'm not sure they know that ultimately they will do it all themselves, but I'm sure they will do just fine at pulling it all together. I mean, c'mon...they're mathematicians...they'll just have to use some logic...LOL.

Onward my little PI-oneers...show me what you can do!
Mrs. Boyd :o)

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Mary&andJD Allen said...

I will be taking statistics sometime soon, so I am going to use you as a free tutor. I am sure you owe me for something anyways.