Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Towels...Thank you, Martha Stewart.

It's always the little things that make us have an epiphany, isn't it? I like to shop, but it seems that after my "shopping-detox" that sometimes, I find it to be a burden...LOL. This is not true, however, when buying things for my house.

New pants, that kills me!!!! What size? What color? Wear with heels or not?...but for the house, it's not how it looks on you, but what it is most times and what it means to you.

Towels for example, pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of life on this planet, but very important when reflecting one one's life. I only buy white towels. Why? I can tell if they are clean or not...long story short...not a big fan of tan colored towels...LOL. They go with any color of shower curtain...LOL...and they remind me of a calm day full of inner peace. Also, they have to be big and thick to wrap around my kids like some kind of bathroom security blanket...LOL.

Anyway, buying these towels had my mind in deep thought. Somewhere, in some remote part of the world, someone has never felt, smelled, or used a towel. Now, that in and of itself, is not important, but it brings me back to my life. A life with a lot of white towels.

A life with clean drinking water. A life of free speech. A life blessed with 2 AWESOME girls and a fabu-husband. A life that I am in control of and where I create my own destiny every day. I was so overwhelmed in that moment that I stood in the aisle crying and praying in thankfulness. A life so blessed that I wished my grandmother was alive to see it. I looked up and hoped that she was smiling down...and she was I'm sure and probably saying, "Lord that poor child is standing there trying to figure out whether to buy bleach or not."...which was true, also.

Mrs. B :o)


Mary&andJD Allen said...

I only use white towels also. This way I have two loads of clothing to wash, whites and colors. If I had colored towels ( we received a set of tan for our wedding; they are just for show and do not count)I would have three seperate loads. That would just be too much work.

Shawn said...

I've never thought of towels in such a philosophical way before today! It's amazing how everything you do boils down to philosophy. I guess it is...some days I do nothing and I'm content to just "be".
Life will always be interesting if you view it the right way whether we are standing on our head or upright! Carry on!