Saturday, September 13, 2008

paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

I often here people do not teach b/c of the pay...WRONG!It has to be the paperwork. I'm not complaining--I LOVE MY JOB!...and I guess, you could say that about any job, really? I mean, I assume trails upon trails of paperwork are for the protection of the teachers, and I'm good with that, but meetings upon meetings to discuss the aforementioned paperwork seems so tedious.

I said this once to my principal, and he just smiled (I'm sure because he knew where I was coming from), but then said in his best "cup half-full attitude" voice, "Mrs. Boyd, you should try teaching primary."...LOL. Guess that's why I never will...LOL. The only paperwork I feel appropriate in any class is the I.C.E. info...In Case of Emergency--who do I need to contact.

Sure grades are important. I understand why we test, though most tests, standardized anyway, mainly tests what you don't know, not what you do.

The best thing about being a teacher, and I hope it continues, is being excited about being in the classroom. I love every student and the potential each and everyone of them have to learn. I know at this point in their lives, math may seem unimportant and they may think that this is just work to me, but in 20 years, when they are doing something simple, they'll remember that Mrs. Boyd (maybe) taught them something about numbers that stuck with them all that time.

Mrs. B :o)

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Mary&andJD Allen said...

I cannot type. * please see previous blog as a reference* - Mary

I have heard the same complaint with nursing about alot of paperwork. It seems that it is 90%of our jobs in clinicals. For nursing, I do understand it is more for legal protection, to document what was done in case of litigation. I would assume the same holds true for most other jobs. I am just glad most hospitals are going into computer documenting, I have horrible handwriting.