Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dollar Days...add up quick.

$377.00 grocery bill.
Mr. Chad and I could live easily on $30 a week, and for the most part we do. However, now that we have somewhat settled into our new house we needed staples, so we went to the grocery.

I kind of felt like Gilligan. We left for a quick trip and it became a "3-hour tour"...LOL. Everything was fine and going great until Mr. Chad discovered what I call the "armpit" of the grocery store...the dollar section.

This particular area has nothing to buy that you can eat, but is like a toy store for a man. By the time I got him out of that aisle, my cart was full of $50 of crap that "we'll need this one day". I bought an apple corer, but that means $49 was his stuff...LOL.

I laugh, but it was a fun night. It was like a scavenger hunt date. The 2 of us had the best time together and I saw the future us pushing a cart nearby. It was magical, if nothing else.

I love you, Mr. Chad...and we could so win on SUPERMARKET SWEEP.

Mrs. B :o)

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