Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween is coming.

...we didn't look like the picture on our costume's packaging labels...LOL. I think that occurs when you purchase them inebriated.

Funny story, though...when we bought the costumes...I wanted an XL b/c I was afraid the costumes were cut smaller than, I found one that had a sticker that said XL, I needed a L for Mr. Chad. However, the sticker did not imply that there were multiple XLs...LOL. Without knowing, I bought a 3XL for me and an XL for Mr. Chad...LOL. Needless to say, both were wwwaaayyy too big for us.

Now, I would love to go into the whole size issue with all of you, but I am going to focus on one particular size of my costume and that is the bosom. I could not believe how big the chest area of this costume was...I swear it seemed like you could put cantaloupes in it...LOL. I laugh, but I am not kidding. I felt so inadequate in this particular "womanly" area.

It took my MIL and her handy-dandy sewing abilities to fix this for me, and I still thought I would lose the top of the costume by the end of the night. The torso area had a cute little corset, but b/c it was sooooo big I had to tie it as tight as possible, so you didn't really see the corset (and it was still loose in the back...LOL). I loved our costumes, though!

All of this adjusting brought to my mind a question, or ponderment if you will, what woman that wears a 3X would put this costume on and go out in public? This is not an insulting assumption. In fact, I would gladly applaud this woman. I mean, I was totally insecure...and normally, I have a so-so positive body image. I was just simply was wondering.

So today, KUDOS to the Big(ger) Women of the world.
All I can say go girls--use what you Mama gave you!!!!

With love,
Mrs. B and all of her insecurities. :o)

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