Friday, October 24, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

I like Halloween, but not b/c of the dress-up day or the candy. I LOVE to carve pumpkins. It has become "kind of a big deal" around here. For several days before carving day, we search on-line or in our own books for patterns. We mull it over during dinner. We discuss it with Mr. Chad's parents(...LOL...they carve them, too.).

This year, though, I did not have to think hard about what I was going to carve. I knew, though not original, I was going to honor my new position as math teacher and carve a PI sign on my pumpkin...get it Pumpkin PI...LOL.

Anyway, it was cute (as seen above), but more than one person asked what it was.(...are you kidding me?) True, it was not the man in the moon, or the grim reaper, or crazy jack-o-lantern face, but it was the one symbol you should have learned in high school math. Funny as it may seem, I was actually going to put 3.14159 underneath the symbol, but I thought that would take from the humor.

For me, the only down-side to carving pumpkins is not always having the girls here to carve when we do, but I know, I'm sure, their dad enjoys doing this with them, as well as I do...and that's what co-parenting is all about. (At least, I tell myself this to keep from crying...LOL.)

Honoring the Great Pumpkin year after year,

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