Saturday, July 18, 2009

arts and crafts

Thank you Jesus and macaroni. I have to attribute my life long "love of crafting" to vacation bible schools and elbow pasta. I was somewhat poor growing up, which was not a hindrance (it's a great quality to have in the aid of being crafty), but my grandmother raised me...and really didn't craft a lot. She was great at cooking and pretty good at sewing, but arts and crafts were not her thing.

I, on the the other hand, LOVE to craft and have instilled the "art of crafting" in both of my daughters. In fact, I love it when I see them looking at something and they say, "hey, Mom...I think we can make this!". I, of course, regardless of what it is, ALWAYS say "YES, we can".

Who knows, maybe we can't make it EXACTLY like it looks...but we can dang sure try...and I have to remind them...most things can be fixed to please us or the eye--sometimes things come out better than we expect, too!

My little one tends to like crafting more than the eldest, but I believe that is merely because of age. I mean, why sit around making flower pens and bookmarks with your mother when you could be texting or IM-img all your cool friends.Yet, I know, she enjoys it because when she wants to do something nice for her friends, it always starts with, "Mom, I was thinking we could make______ for________" and then what do I ALWAYS say..."YES, we can".

Today is a busy day!
Mrs. B

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