Monday, July 27, 2009

Reading other blogs!

It should be against the law of the Internet for people to post what blogs they are following, because for once in my life...I am no longer a leader...I AM A FOLLOWER...LOL. Today, is a fine example of how the Internet can suck your brains out...or just turn it to mush. I spent nearly 3 hours of my life, that I can't get back, going from blog to blog to blog.

Not sure that I learned anything, either...but, it was entertaining. I try to start with friend's blogs, but they appear to be lazier than I it's a short read. I then start just clicking on next blog on blogger, but after 3 or 4 in languages I do not know...I just start google-ing things I like: scrapbooking, interior design, recipes, space, etc. After, I find one that I really like, I start looking at who they are following, and then who they're following is following. You see where this is going, right?

Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out at some of the blogs that I enjoyed and are now possibly following. It's nice to see some other bloggers every once in a while. Enjoy!


tosha said...
I love this blog. It's full of lots of useless, some useful I guess, info about our great state.

Greeneyedogre said...

you should check out and this one has a lot of links to other neat money saving and scrapbooking and cooking blogs too. plus i have found so much great information for things that Caden can have with his milk allergy. I am sure you wish blogging was a part of your every day life with Catarina was a baby.