Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stage Names

I am an actress. I was born an actress and anyone that loves to act--knows it from the time they make their first big entrance...birth! But, I am blessed because both of my children are actresses(drama queens, but never mind the titles) too..AND actresses need stage names!

For years, I have had my "stage" name chosen...never had the need to use it, yet...but it is written in a tattered notebook along with my 4 episodes of Growing Pains that I wrote as a teenager. I was Caddie Pots...LOL, I kid you not. I remember loving the name Caddie from the book Caddie Woodlawn...which I read in 5th grade, but Pots...well, I must have been in the kitchen...or around my Uncle Eldo (family joke). Needless to say, I changed it in my early 2os to Ezra Samuels. Ezra from one of my favorite musical groups Better than Ezra and Samuels for my love of Makers Mark. (Samuels is the family name of the creators.)

Fast forward, now my children need stage names. Claudia is going with Ilse Boyd...short-sweet and an homage to both her middle name (and it's German heritage) and my "new" last name. Recently, Catarina had to ride a Greyhound bus for the first time...thus creating this next "texting" scenario and her stage name...or so I thought...LOL.

Madre: Do not give your real name to anyone. If anyone asks, just say JK Rowling...old people won't know...

Madre:...dumb people won't care.

Catarina-Bo-Bina: Caw Caw

Madre: use your British accent

Catarina-Bo-Bina: Hahahaha. My name is emiline tart.


Catarina-Bo-Bina: That's my stage name.


Catarina-Bo-Bina: Well, Claudia has one. I want one.

****When I got the text I burst out laughing so hard the hubs asked what was so funny. I read the convo back to him. He said, "that's a good one...the stage name". I was perplexed, emiline? As a stage name? He proceeded to tell me to say it faster...together. EMILINE TART..."I'm a lyin' tart" funny. I'm sure that's an old line from somewhere, but it was new on this mama...and I loved it. Point for Catarina. She is finally becoming...a comedienne in her own right. Kudos, baby! I love you!


tosha said...

I love it. I haven't heard that one before either.

Greeneyedogre said...

yeah cause you would so not want to pronounce it "emma-leen" lol. CADDIE? well she was a mean girl lol (it's CADY-lol)Pots???maybe Annie Potts? Gotta love Designing so could have been on that show.