Sunday, July 5, 2009

My daughters' weddings...plenty of time to plan!

I know that I have gone on and on about how much I LOVE weddings...and if I haven't said it before, my FEAR of my 2 beautiful daughters eloping. I have ALWAYS said that I would put a 2nd mortgage on my house to fulfill their wedding desires, but as they get older...I may not do that...LOL...but I may not have to either. They seem to already have in mind what they want.

I would laugh, but I started planning my wedding when I was 10, but don't all little girls? Now, the 1st time around...I had a nice wedding planned...purple and gold (yes, please don't laugh), in January, invites to everyone I could think of that I knew would buy a gift...LOL...but that didn't happen...I rushed to a courthouse and then to a backwoods "ordained" minister...and then, well...we all know how that turned out...LOL.

The 2nd time, though, was PERFECT. I got exactly what I wanted. (I mean, I would have preferred for some of the guests to be considerate enough to wear dress slacks, but my eyes were on the prize and nothing could have ruined that moment.) My husband and I were in it together from the beginning. He tried to accommodate every wish I had for that day. Truly, even the planning stage was a wonderful experience.

I have to remember that, too. I want to give my girls' great weddings, but I want to give them what THEY want. Claudia has stated that she will marry in Savannah at the Catholic church and I will have the reception in the town square (200-300 guests)...and Catarina, well...she wants a simple Disney wedding with 20 people. Now, I'm sure all of this will change...but how cute that they already have something in mind....Ok, I'm guilty...maybe, I planted the seed, but it will ALL be up to them when the time comes and all I can that time is not too soon...LOL.
Thank Heaven...they are still little girls!
Mrs. B

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