Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Snow day...and there's no snow!

Thank you Chris Bailey, T.G. Shuck, and Bill Meck. Where is the snow? There is nothing out there and thanks to your "doppler" readings, I have no school. I know, you say, "It's coming", but I also say, "I'm going to hit the lottery"...doesn't mean that I will. You guys are killing me and my lesson plans. I will be in school until June 30th (the latest day allowed by law to go to school).

However, I am a glass half-full kind of girl and spending the day with Claudia was secretly what I was wishing for...she and I will have a great day off together. We are going to cook, clean, craft, and cuddle...OK, 3 out of 4 ain't bad. (I am not cooking on my day off.)

Just a word to the wise, though...Get this CRAP out of here...I am tired of it. I mean 4-8 inches for us, but the Olympics had to change their schedule for lack of snow...C'mon!

Mrs. B

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