Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Funny Valentine

My friend Mary calls the other day to get our address.
I am nosey, so I ask why.
She proceeds to tell me they, Mary and Joseph, got the hubs and I a Valentine...awwww.

We go away on our little trip and come home to a nice plethora of mail in the box.
(I love snail mail.)
There was the card from our pals in a nice red envelope.

I open it and start laughing.
I pass it to the hubs and he doesn't even notice until I point it out...

Mary had not signed the card.
It was as blank as it was when she bought it.

Now, I know Mary.

She was so worried about getting the address from us that she sealed the card and mailed it without thinking back to whether she filled the card out or not.

We LOVED it!
The hubs and I decided we were going to fill it out from us...and send it back to them...to see if they notice anything...LOL.
We'll let you know!

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